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The way OOH advertising business is conducted, needs a change, but every change faces its opportunities as well as challenges.

The accessibility of data, the opportunity to Automate, the Delivery of Content dynamically to Digital Screens – all of these provides immense opportunities.

However, the proliferation of potential platforms can make decision making difficult for non-tech businesses.
The accessibility of data and the sheer volume of data provide challenges in deciding what to use and when and how.
The lack of collaboration in the OOH medium and the “Less than Professional” approach, can still hold the medium back.

At OAP, we have taken an oath to drive the change.
A Change that is necessary for the OOH Industry to get the necessary Respect and Growth.

The essence and the soul of OAP is Innovation, Process Orientation and Organization Culture, which bodes well to drive the change.
We have ventured out to create a world-class Out of Home (OOH) Specialist Agency, with Indian roots.

Outdoor Advertising Mavericks

The industry calls us Outdoor Mavericks more often than Outdoor Professionals! Probably because of our penchant to do things differently or time and again invest monies in developing Tools, Research, Systems and Training right from its inception! That's not the norm of Indian outdoor industry. But we did, because we wanted to do things differently.

Everyone says the OOH (Out Of Home) industry needs change, but few are willing to try.

We are the ones, we have been waiting for.


Launched Pro’Locator in its new avatar. An outdoor planning tool based on a massive mobility data feed on a daily basis. It is the most advanced, robust and comprehensive OOH Planning Tool in India till date.


Worked with Moving Walls, Malaysia to bring in the outdoor planning tool in India.


Consumer Kharcha was launched. Which was tool using multiple data sources like Census, NSSO, etc. to understanding consumer’s buying pattern geographically.


We migrated to the best accounting system of SAP that made our financial systems even cleaner and discipline even tighter, which made our associates happier.


Conducted survey on Outdoor Saliency. Understanding category’s affinity towards Time and Place. With which we have understood the relation between Cognitive Behaviour with Spatial, Temporal and Travel Mapping. Which has a direct co-relation in appropriate Placement of each Category, Brand and its Products in the frame of Environment, Time and Place.


Conducting various R&D on creative execution. One of the most exciting creative products that came out was creation of 3D creative on 2D. Which is actually crafting an illusion on billboards, with due consideration and measurements of height, angle and distance to the viewer also sun-path and light sources.


Happy employees make happy customers. OAP was adjudged the Best Place to Work and ranked No.1 in the Advertising & Marketing Industry in India by Great Place to Work Institute and The Economic Times.


80 professionals of OAP were trained and certified in Dr. Edward De Bono's Six Thinking Hats.


OAP was certified by leading ISO auditors of the world, TUV Austria as ISO 9001:2008 Company. Today our QMS is top-class and also automated.


Verizy (currently Valudate), a real-time and tamper-proof outdoor monitoring tool was integrated in our tracking mechanism. OAP was instrumental in the R&D of Verizy.


TGI, a world-class single source marketing, communication and planning tool, became part of OAP's planning process.


Invested in IOS (Indian Outdoor Survey). The first outdoor media planning tool in India. Our commitment towards the progression of ROI based outdoor spends made us come forth to invest and be only one of the two agencies that sponsored IOS.


Launched a separate division, touchpoint for retail design, shopper marketing, way finding sign and commercial interior designing.


Pro'Integra, a complete ERP system that not only automates the entire process of client briefing, to planning, buying, campaign tracking but also stores massive data and provides many controls and checks.


Pro'Visualizer, a simulation software that does reality check of the outdoor creative, without actually exposing the campaign before the launch.


Pro'Locator, a first ever in India. A outdoor media planning tool based on GIS mapping software, integrating census, traffic and ward level IRS data.


Our Vision

We will continuously explore and realise the full potential of OOH for our clients, through better understanding of consumer behaviour outside the home.

We will encourage our clients to partner with us in transforming the OOH media by constantly innovating and challenging conventional methods. Thereby leading from the forefront of change and betterment of the OOH medium.

This will help the industry to gain respect, recognition and growth.

Our Values


We are passionate about what we do and are committed to our clients’ needs.

We are also passionate about the ability of OOH to reach consumers at relevant times, and in relevant places, to make a positive difference to a brand’s performance.

We believe in collaboration and competition in equal measure.

We challenge ourselves and everyone we work with to bring out their best performance.


We value our people, treat them with respect, encourage their development and reward their performance, and this inspires their trust in us.

In turn, we are respected by our business partners for the integrity and accountability of each of our people for delivering on all our commitments.


We are leaders in OOH, always learning and always challenging the status quo.

We do not believe in one-size-fits-all for our clients’ needs.

We have a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour outside the home and this helps our clients win in an ever-changing environment.

Through our leadership, we will accelerate the digital transformation of the OOH market.


We recognise the need to adapt to a fast changing world and believe in implementing an agile approach.

We are not resistant to change and will work alongside our clients and partners, moving quickly to meet their changing demands.

In a world that is becoming more connected and more complex, we will respond quickly and we will be completely focused on delivering success for our partners and clients.

Our Certifications


Our Services

  • Planning

  • Buying

  • Innovation

  • Execution

  • Monitoring

  • Events

  • Retail

Media Planning

When a client hires our media planning services, they know that we will not be providing a mere hoarding list with costs. At OAP a media plan is at the zenith. At the bottom of which lies a complete understanding of advertising and media objectives and thereby setting the outdoor objective. Its the knowledge on who and how will we reach the message, and a clear idea on which geographies, locations and media vehicles would help achieve the desired results. It doesn't end with that. We generate multiple potential plans which are combinations of various scheduling, media assembles and balance of Reach and Frequency.

Our job as a media specialist is to ensure that our client's precious money is not wasted. We achieve that by evaluating the media plan before it gets executed, and also after its up and running. For us nothing is sacrosanct. To set the process it has taken years of effort and massive investments in research and developing and buying tools.

Media Buying

Media buying today has become a part of media planning process. Our buyers are well trained on the facets of media planning to ensure optimal delivery with minimal CPM's. The buying team at OAP has a combined experience of more than 150 years. They employ a combination of Integrative and Positional Bargaining, which brings out the best results, which is a combination of Price, Quality and Sustainability. The core qualities of OAP’s buying team are their honesty, intensity and knowledge. We ensure, we buy directly from the media owners through a network of 1200 plus concessionaires, that provides us with the best rates possible. OAP has built a robust database of all possible media options across the country.


In outdoor there is no content attached. You cannot see a program nor read a story or news, therefore the creative and the communication itself has to be strong enough to grab all the necessary attention. Easier said than done; at OAP it took us quite a while to understand and master the art of grabbing attention through emotional charge and distinctiveness, which is possible through 5 separate means, which we call "panchatantra" of outdoor creativity. Our creative team is crazy bunch ideators and illustrators who ensure the campaigns resonate amongst the people.


Our 8 offices along with 14 associate offices across the country, will ensure that the timeliness and quality will never be taken for granted. Technical teams of architects, engineers, and also a chain of quality printers, fabricators and installers, ably back the team. Our execution team is an important cog in the wheel. Their zeal and energy helps us in delivering on-time and quality execution, no matter the scale and depth of the campaign.


To overcome the uncertainty, which is a dreaded in this industry, we have a wide on-ground force that conducts regular checks on installations on quality and maintenance. Over and above we have commissioned 3rd Party Monitoring Services of Valudate, that provides tamper-proof audit reports of all executed campaigns.

Events & Activation

Our approach in Experiential Marketing, agencies cannot just work with a client or on a project; they need to collaborate to bring out the best from all stakeholders. Ours is a deliberate and strategic approach designed to create the very best communications campaigns. Our well-rounded team manages this with in-depth knowledge in conceptualization, design, production and operations. In a short span we have started working with big ticket clients like Audi, Porsche, Benelli, HDFC Diners Card, Future Group, Ola, Foodhall, Direct i, Citrus, Colors Bangla, Birla Cement, Khadims, Seagrams, Anchor Electricals, Bacardi & many more.
It's not just about our own team but the collaboration with our service providers and associates, that gives our clients the comfort and their prospective customers the delightfully pleasant experience with the brand. This is possible because of the excellent working relationships we have with writers, event managers, video directors, cinematographers, graphic designers and other specialists who are experts in their fields and who has in depth understanding of effective communications strategies, empathy with clients and an ability to create great productions, events and promotional materials.

What We Do

Event Management|School Contact Program|GTO (General Trade Outlets)|Conferences|Fashion Shows|Video Production|Product Launches|College Contact Program|MTO (Modern Trade Outlets)|Private Extravaganzas|Corporate Films|Documentary|Brand Promotion|Mall Activations|Exhibitions|Décor & Parties|Film Production

Retail & Signage

Business without a Sign Is Sign of No Business

Retail brand visibility is an important first impression, the image of the brand & is a key part of a retailer’s marketing strategy. With OAP’s expertise we work with you to provide the look that best suits and portrays your business.
All signages are custom-made to individual specifications. From design, production and installation to consulting & management of numerous types of signages & creating other retail branding opportunities for large and small businesses, we can handle all.

Services Offered

Retail signage|Hotel signage|Project Signage Management|Retail Media Inspection & Audit|Signage design consultancy|Way finding solutions

Signage in itself is a very vast subject. We at OAP specialize in outdoor advertising and provide an extensive in-depth designing and implementing services in all kind of retail visibility projects for major industry verticals like Hospitality, Aviation, Transport, Industrial, Corporate and Retail.




Our Clients














HR Vision

We go all-out to win, but not "at any cost". To us looking after customers, their interests and company bottom-line is not end-all; our employees and our shareholders are equally important. Our motto is Do Right to Do Well; which drives us to employ the right talents with right attitude and right aptitude that reflects on entrepreneurship, teamwork and initiative.

In the survey conducted by Great Place To Work Institute in 2012, we scored 87% which can be benchmarked against India's Top 50 (2012) GPW companies with an average score of 86%. We were declared a Great Place To Work.

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